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September 19, 2005
June 17, 2005
One of my articles is now posted at  Here is the link: :)
More to come!
June 8, 2005
A few of my fitness articles will be posted at soon.  I am working on more!  Finding the time to write has been difficult since my move to Louisiana, but I am making an effort.  I will post the new articles here on my website, of course, and will make an announcement on this page to let you guys know! :)  I have also responded to a fitness interview with Jim Coughlin, owner of Coughlin Fitness and Results, which will be included in his upcoming newsletter.  My responses to the interview questions are as follows:

Why did you choose to become a personal trainer?  I made the decision to become a personal trainer when I was a freshman in college.  As a senior in high school I became wrapped up in anorexia and began exercising unhealthfully.  I joined a health club and worked with a trainer to get started.  I really began to get into exercising regularly, and started gaining strength as well as confidence.  It took me a while, but it became clearer and clearer to me that I was headed down a potentially-deadly road.  It was as if a light came on - I had found something positive that I had become passionate about, and I wanted to share this with others!  I believe that there is good that can come from any negative situation in life - is up to the individual whether or not they choose to grow or let it get the best of them.  Ten years later, i'm still personal training and have more passion for it than ever!


How are you different then other personal trainers?  Obviously, as trainers we must be well-educated and stay abreast of current fitness trends.  I feel that the best trainers - the ones who inspire a passion for health and well-being in their clients - have something that no certification nor any degree can compensate for...a fire inside that challenges them to continually challenge themselves as well as their clients.  You can't fake passion!  Clients sense this motivation and it serves to keep the fires of motivation burning within them.  I feel that I am meant to be a personal trainer.  It just fits.  I look forward to coming to work every day, and I leave at the end of the day feeling fulfilled.  You can't beat it!


What is your biggest challenge that you face when training clients?  Even after 10 years in the industry, I still find it difficult on some days to tough it out if i'm having a bad put on a happy face, so to speak, and act like things are 100% wonderful!  Everyone has good and bad days, that's a fact of life...I don't however, let my emotions get the best of the time I spend with my clients on those bad days.  I make the best of it, and most often what ends up happening is my bad day makes a turnaround...I see improvement in a certain client, or a client is appreciative of my guidance, and that makes the day a whole lot better!


What are your strengths as a trainer? weaknesses?  I am a perfectionist...especially when it comes to training my clients.  I tend to over-analyze things and I drive myself nuts!  If I think too much, I get stuck!  I must trust my instincts and not question myself too much.  It's good to question (and as an eternal skeptic I feel i'm doomed to question everything, lol), but I can tend to get bogged-down with trying to design the perfect program for each client.  I am also a motormouth...I tend to get on my soapbox about much I dislike the weight-loss industry, for example.  A simple answer to a client's question can turn into a five-minute discussion!  My clients get tickled with me.  I limit the chit-chat during workouts as much as possible, but sometimes it just happens...can you tell that i'm quite verbose by the length of my answers to the interview questions? :)  Being both a perfectionist and a motormouth could be a downfall, but I have learned to turn these "weaknesses" into strengths.  My clients know that I put my heart and mind into every workout, and they take me seriously, but they are also able to see me laugh at myself, and are right there smiling with me.


What do you think of the ever popular Atkins Diet?  I HATE IT!!!  Do I need to repeat that? lol :)  I can't stand diets.  I feel that the Atkins Diet is a short-term, unhealthy solution that feeds into our society's need for a quick-fix solution. 


What “question” do you come across most with clients?  lol..."How do I get to look like you?" Just kidding, although that one always makes me smile.  Most often, with new clients I am asked questions pertaining to the rationale behind what I refer to as "funky exercises"...functional movements.  I call them "funky exercises" because most new clients have no experience in performing them in a fitness setting...they are used to performing standard fixed-machine and dumbbell exercises.  I prefer a blend of functional training, core work, and standard "old school" training when it comes to my clients' strength training workouts. 


Who is your favorite fitness author?  I have compiled a folder of as many Paul Chek articles as I can find!!!  He has an outspoken slant on the health and fitness industry that I "jive" with.  I also enjoy reading articles by Sherri Kwasniki-McMillan.  A few years ago I attended the IDEA World Fitness Conference and was able to attend several of her seminars.  I feel that she speaks from the heart and has a genuine interest in helping other personal trainers better themselves professionally. 


What is your advice for clients first starting a fitness program?  Don't try to overhaul everything at once!!!  What works is if you implement healthy changes into your lifestyle gradually...tackling each by itself, and acknowledging these little successes.  The results will come if you have a positive mindset, work consistently & diligently, and realize that it won't happen overnight! 


What type of training do you prefer, one-on-one or group? Why?  Definately one-on-one...because I can focus on each client.  It's less chaotic!  When I train friends or spouses together, it can be somewhat frazzling for me as a trainer because I want them to have the best workout...if they are chit-chatting here and there and we're using up valuable workout time, that bothers me.  A little talking is fine, of course, but I feel that a workout shouldn't be used as a social hour!  It should be fun, yet the intensity needs to stay up so that the workout is worth a client's time.  Aside from this, each client has their own specific goals, fitness level, etc...I feel the best way to guage proper workout intensity and provide the best routine consistently is to work with clients individually.


What are your personal goals for the future?  I have SO many goals floating around in my head.  I consider myself to be one of those people who LOVES being in school.  I love to learn, and I enjoy the process of continually challenging and bettering myself through learning.  I have tried to get into med school but that didn't pan out, and it became clear to me that I didn't belong in the medical field (thank goodness I realized that before it was too late)!  I have seriously considered and have also worked towards Physical Therapy school.  More and more I realize that we, as fitness professionals, play a role that is not fully recognized...we preach preventative medicine.  Isn't it a lot easier to take care of our health from childhood onward, than to fall victim to the effects of abusing our bodies through inactivity and poor nutrition?  I want to write books.  I continue to write articles.  I have also thought seriously about getting my teaching certification.  I want to do the best job I am capable of doing, with whatever I am doing at the time.  I would like to continue on in the fitness industry by utilizing my background, knowledge, and expertise to accomplish something that sets me apart from my peers.  To make a long story short...I don't know specifically what I want to do when I grow up, lol, but the opportunities are there, and my brain is constantly nagging me to do do more... :)



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